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  1. Watching Her Husband’s Hospital Window from Reba’s Ranch House

    She could see the window of her husband’s hospital room

    From her room at Reba’s Ranch House, Angela Farmer could see the window of her husband’s hospital room. Despite them both being in isolation because of the COVID-19 quarantine, she could stay connected with Alan, her husband of 16 years, through the closeness of Reba’s Ranch House.… Read the rest

  2. Mothers Stay Close to Their High-Risk Babies

    Separating mother and baby can cause trauma

    When a mother is told she’s being discharged from the hospital before her newborn baby, fear sets in. How will she bond with her baby if she lives an hour away? How can she afford to stay in a hotel for potentially months until her baby is ready to come home?… Read the rest

  3. A Place to Put Your Feet Up

    Sitting in a hospital waiting room chair for hours and hours. Legs dangling. Blood circulation cut off. This takes a heavy toll on a caregiver’s body, as was happening to Elisabeth Pacheco and her nieces.

    “You don’t realize the impact that has on your body to not lay down or put your feet up,” Elisabeth says.… Read the rest

  4. Bonded for Life

    Disconnected. That was how Pam Abasolo felt as she entered the hotel across the highway from her ill husband. Ken was admitted to the hospital near the end of July 2019. Pam and her adult girls, Erin and Hayli, stayed at a hotel across the highway, but given his condition, the hospital staff knew it wouldn’t be long. … Read the rest

  5. She Adjusted Her Sails

    “I’ll be back and marry you someday, Nancy.”

    That is what young Ben McKinney told teenage Nancy Foreman after they spent two summers in Canada with her teaching him how to sail. He was a teenager himself from Little Rock, Ark.,… Read the rest

  6. FLITE Team Students Help Keep Reba’s Ranch House Running

    Students with Special Needs Learn Life Skills While Keeping Reba’s Ranch House in Shape

    Four summers ago, Angele Johnson sat at her computer and typed, “volunteer opportunities for Sherman Texas.” She was determined to find the right place for her students in the Grayson County Co-op Special Education service.… Read the rest

  7. Caregiver of the Caregivers

    Hummingbirds, sounds of nature, the peace of a walk outside. Guests at Reba’s Ranch House find places and moments that help them relax during their trying situations. Enjoying the outdoor areas at the house is also a way for Director Marilyn Bice to clear her mind and boost her creative thoughts as she pursues making Reba’s Ranch House a caregiver of the caregiver.… Read the rest

  8. North Texas Giving Day!

    We are extremely excited to announce that Reba’s Ranch House will be participating in North Texas Giving Day this year! North Texas Giving Day is the largest online giving event in the country where online donations are accepted for non-profits throughout the North Texas community.
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  9. Shindig!

    You are cordially invited to a little Shindig celebrating Style & Spring.

    Click here for more information and to purchase a ticket!

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  10. Special Thanks To First United Bank – Denison

    Special thanks to First United Bank – Denison for allowing us the opportunity to display information about our Room for Hope! You are a great asset to our community and we thank you for giving us the chance to partner with you once again.Read the rest