Hope. Warmth. Home.

Reba's Ranch House provides care for the caregivers who have a loved one hospitalized in North Texas or South Oklahoma.

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  • Making the Ranch House Part of His Life — Dr. Timothy Parker’s Story

    Box fans kept the air moving at the event, one of the earliest fundraisers for Reba’s Ranch House. It was…


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  • A Real Thanksgiving

    Scrumptious aromas accompanied the spread of food laid out for Sarah Bradford, her family, and other guests at Reba’s Ranch…


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  • Keeping the House Feeling Like Home and Hope

    Cameron Bates entered the dining area at Reba’s Ranch House to check on things. As an intern at the house,…


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  • The Heart Mender

    Philip McKinzie opened his eyes…and had no idea where he was. There he lay in a hospital bed, trying to…


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  • The Joys and Health of a Volunteer

    Everyone welcomes a smile, a bag filled with a coloring book and crayons, or a new book to read or…


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  • One of God’s gifts — Susan Hooper’s Story

    A fixture at Reba’s Ranch House, Susan Hooper had battled breast cancer and was always ready to come alongside anyone…


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  • Third Graders, Bible Pages, and Loads of Grocery Sacks

    The children present their Bible pages to Marilyn, knowing the pages will go on nightstands of guests staying at the…


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  • A Medical Legacy from Indian Territory to Denison, Texas

    From a medical practice in Indian Territory during the 19th century, through the 20th century in the states of Texas…


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  • Expanding Love and Service at Reba’s Ranch House

    A decade ago, Reba’s Ranch House was bursting at the seams with housing hundreds of vulnerable guests annually. Each individual…


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  • The Comfort of a Country Quilt

    By Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer Reba’s Heroes: A Series Highlighting Our Wonderful Volunteers From the early days of Reba’s Ranch House,…


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