30th anniversary

Hope. Warmth. Home.

Reba's Ranch House provides care for the caregivers who have a loved one hospitalized in North Texas or South Oklahoma.

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  • Feel-Good Meals to Soothe During Difficult Times

    By Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer    Sometimes when guests drive up to Reba’s Ranch House, they are on their last gallon…


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  • A Snack in Hand and a Safe Place to Stay

    By Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer   The first night Morgan Dworshak’s grandfather was in the hospital, she worried about where her…


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  • Families of Heart Patients Find a Home at Reba’s Ranch House

    When a patient comes to Dr. Greg Matter for heart surgery, they can look out the window to see Reba’s…


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  • Taking Care of the Families of Tiny Babies

    By Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer   Parents shouldn’t have to think about gas money when their newborn baby is in intensive…


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  • Saving the Mental Power of Caregivers

    By Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer   Not sleeping. Not eating, not drinking water. Stressed. These were the top things Marilyn Bice…


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  • Meet Mitch and Fancy, Ranch House Residents Caring for Caregivers

    When a guest returned from the hospital one morning after seeing her ill husband, Mitch Gray noticed how distressed she…


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  • Reba’s Ranch House Helps FLITE Students Become Community Members

    By Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer    When guests leave Reba’s Ranch House for the hospital to see their loved one, they…


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  • Welcoming Guests Home at the Ranch House

    By Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer   When guests arrive at Reba’s Ranch House, weary and worn, there is someone at the…


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  • Everything that Needs Doing — A Trio of Indispensable Volunteers 

    There are three ladies the team at Reba’s Ranch House can’t do without. Meet Rita, Linda, and Shelley—three volunteers and…


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  • “Absolutely Magical” — 30th Anniversary Reunion Week at Reba’s Ranch House

    Thirty years after it all began, the Texoma Health Foundation (THF) and Reba’s Ranch House hosted three major reunions in…


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