30th anniversary

Hope. Warmth. Home.

Reba's Ranch House provides care for the caregivers who have a loved one hospitalized in North Texas or South Oklahoma.

Our history

Built for Families

Twenty five years ago the people of Texoma gathered together to watch Reba cut the ribbon to her first and only operating charity – the Reba’s Ranch House.

“I’m from Southeastern Oklahoma and I would travel to Denison, Texas to my gynecologist, Dr. Darius Maggi for my yearly checkups. Darius also took care of my two sisters, Alice and Susie.  He delivered a bunch of my nieces and nephews”, said Reba.

“One day after my appointment, Dr. Maggi asked if I’d like to have lunch.  After our meal, he started informing me of his communities' needs. I said I would be happy to put on a concert to help raise, not only money but awareness for this cause.

For many years, we continued to have concerts, golf tournaments, parades, fishing tournaments, etc.  It was so much fun and helped so many people not only in Denison but in Southeastern Oklahoma and Northeast Texas, too.

The cause was very similar to a Ronald McDonald House. The difference being it would be open to anyone who needed a place to stay while they had loved ones in the hospital. Many folks traveling, who lived many miles away from their family member, would wind up on the hospital waiting room floors or in a chair in the patient’s room. The Reba’s Ranch House was a place for those folks to get a good night’s sleep, a home cooked meal and a very compassionate ear to listen to their worries and concerns. Nothing makes you feel better than a warm supper, a prayer, a nice bed and kindness. That was our wish for Reba’s Ranch House. It’s still our hope and prayer for the world today. This is a great community.  I love it and all the people who I’ve meet during my years there”.

Reba’s Ranch House incorporates holistic care by providing a calm setting for rest, warm meals for nourishment and sensitive staff for spiritual connections.

The House is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When a guest walks through Reba’s Ranch House, it is because their lives have been put on hold. Guests often find the Reba’s Ranch House through one of the hospitals located in the four counties served by the Texoma Health Foundation -others can be found sleeping in a hospital waiting room or a car. Before they begin their stay at the House, families report little sleep, few daily meals and high anxiety. After their stay 89 percent report improvements in all three categories. “We are the caregivers of the caregivers”, said Marilyn Bice, the second Director of Reba’s Ranch House since it first opened. “We are making sure they know about dinner, encouraging them to drink water, connecting them to spiritual care – we even have a walking path and are investing in a major wellness project”.

Guests range from proud grandparents of a new grandchild, to families of all ages facing crisis and tragedy. “Reba’s Ranch House staff celebrates, grieves and prays with them. Several Foundation and RRH staff members pray for the House and those connected to it every day. As soon as you walk in the doors you can feel it is a special place.”, said Michelle Lemming, CEO of the Texoma Health Foundation (THF), which owns and operates the House.

Since that beautiful fall day back in 1992, Reba’s Ranch House has welcomed over 35,000 families and has since opened a new and expanded Reba’s Ranch House housed under the same roof of the Texoma Health Foundation (THF).

“We consider the Reba’s Ranch House the heart of the THF” said Brett Graham, THF Board Chairman. It is an honor and a privilege to run the House. Reba has been such a blessing to this community”.

Room For Hope

The Room for Hope is a special place in Reba’s Ranch House that was originally created by Girl Scout, Maria Hayes to complete her Gold Award. Maria identified that there was a need for the services in the region and started the Room as a place where patients and families battling cancer could find items such as prosthetics, bras and wigs without having to drive outside of the community. The project grew to include hats, scarves, books and comfort items lovingly donated by survivors, church groups and friends. All items are given at no charge, with the only requirement to return them to the Room when they are no longer needed. 

If you would like to learn more, or if you are interested in donating items please contact the Foundation offices at 903-337-0755 or Reba’s Ranch House @ 903-463-REBA (7322).

Board & staff

Meet Our Family

Reba’s Ranch House is managed by the Texoma Health Foundation (THF). THF is an independent public foundation governed by the THF Board of Directors who are proud to oversee the operations and development of the House.

Meet our board

Reba’s ranch house staff members

  • Marilyn Bice


  • Jeri Carosella

    Guest relations

  • Mitch Gray

    Guest relations

Texoma health foundation staff members

  • Deb Boring

    Finance & Bookkeeping

  • Michelle Lemming

    Founding President / CEO

  • Nicole Thornhill

    Development & Community Philanthropy

  • Kitty Richardson

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Angela Sharp

    Chief Grants Officer

A big thanks to

Our Volunteers & Interns

Thank you to the volunteers and college interns who are consistently providing the needed environment of care and support to our families who are often facing difficult decisions.


Reba’s Ranch House is managed by the Texoma Health Foundation (THF) and is part of the Healthcare Hospitality Network.