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  1. 50-Year Journey of Courageous Caregivers


    “Mom, you okay?” Blake asked.

    Cheryl Ginnings jumped out of her chair, shocked that her 47-year-old son had spoken to her from his hospital bed. Cheryl had just returned from the hall where she’d gone out to cry, not knowing if Blake would survive this latest challenge. Almost non-verbal all his life, his words were a small, miraculous moment to hold in her mother’s heart.

    A Lifetime of Care

    Blake was oxygen-deprived at birth, leading to multiple health issues. He eventually was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epileptic seizures. Several times, Cheryl and her husband, Monte, were told they should put Blake away in an institution and forget they had a son. They rejected that idea, and being his caregiver became their mission in life, along with raising their two girls.

    When it reached a point they could no longer lift Blake, they sought a facility where he could live. After several traumatic experiences at institutions, they were finally directed to a sweet family in Denison, Texas. Though a fair drive from where Cheryl and Monte live in Lawton, Oklahoma, they knew Jason and Cassi Sheppard and their children were the right fit for Blake. Cheryl and Monte FaceTime with Blake and the Sheppards, and spend in-person quality time often. The two families are connected forever through Blake.

    “We didn’t even know to pray for something like that,” Cheryl says. “You look through the dark things that happen in life, and see how God answers prayers, how the providence of God is always there.”

    Cheryl intimately knows what caregivers go through. One of her books, “It Takes Courage To Be A Caregiver,” is a collection of stories, insight, and tips from three years worth of radio interviews she did with courageous caregivers. As the founder and CEO of Cheryl Ginnings Consulting, she uses her years of personal experience to shed light on the trials of families of children with special needs.

    Comfort and Care Amid Fear

    In 2017, Blake needed a feeding tube inserted, but the one-day surgery turned into a terrifying ten-week ordeal when the surgeon discovered that Blake’s heart and stomach were attached. A cascade of trauma began.

    During these terrifying days, Blake asked Cheryl, “Mom, you okay?”

    He knew she was distressed. On top of the fear of losing their son, Cheryl and Monte were exhausted, and funds were rapidly dwindling from the expense of being near Blake — 200 miles from their home.

    In the midst of that time, they discovered Reba’s Ranch House.

    “We never dreamed of anything that wonderful,” Cheryl says of their stay at Reba’s Ranch House. “It was like going home to a family that cared about what happened in your day, and having a place to lay down when you needed to, and then get up and go back to the hospital. My husband and I could take turns. And then to be able to meet so many wonderful people that care about the needs of those like us. The people that work there would ask every time we walked in or out, ‘How is your son?’ and would listen to us, which is what you need. You need somebody that cares about you during that time.”

    Mom and Son are Okay

    Ten weeks and three different hospitals later, Blake recovered from his harrowing ordeal. He returned home with Jason and Cassie. Cheryl and Monte went back to Lawton, and will always remember the impact Reba’s Ranch House had on their family.

    For a time, Cheryl had someone to care for her as the caregiver. In those moments, Blake — Mom was okay.

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  2. North Texas Giving Day!

    We are extremely excited to announce that Reba’s Ranch House will be participating in North Texas Giving Day this year! North Texas Giving Day is the largest online giving event in the country where online donations are accepted for non-profits throughout the North Texas community. We will be raising funds to replace appliances that have been in use since the newest location of Reba’s opened in 2010. Our washers, dryers, and front desk computer are all in need of being replaced, so we can ensure our high standards for the guests who come to stay with us. The official date for donations is September 19th, but you can schedule a gift as early as September 9th through our North Texas Giving Day profile. Follow our Facebook and Instagram to find updates about our progress! #WhyIGive #NTxGivingDay

    5:00 PM TO 8:00 PM
    110 E FM 1417, SHERMAN, TX
  3. Happiness

    “Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.”

    – John Harrigan

  4. BBQ for Hope!

    Come support a great cause! The Texoma Health Foundation’s Room for Hope provides financial assistance for under and uninsured men and women of Grayson, Fannin, Bryan and Marshall counties who have been diagnosed with cancer as well as a resource room located inside of Reba’s Ranch House.

  5. Sister’s on the Fly Camper Tour and Cowgirl Prom


  6. We Love Volunteers

    Over 100 of Reba’s Ranch House volunteers gathered together for the Annual Volunteer and Meal Ministry Award Luncheon. The event was originally launched following the creation of the prestigious Betty Holland Service Award. This year’s Betty Holland Award recipient was Kimberly McKiddy. As an RRH Morning Volunteer, Kimberly makes our kitchen welcoming and warm. She not only assures coffee is brewing, but makes warm cinnamon rolls and hot meals. She is always finding better ways to serve our familes as well, like adding to-go coffee cups and breakfast bags for those in a hurry to get back to the hospital. She works tirelessly and smiles effortlessly. Kimberly follows past recipients including Betty Holland, Ron Ballou, Billy Langley, Sonnie Estes and Martha Nuckles.

    The award was named after Betty Holland who seldom missed a day at the Ranch House since it first opened its doors in 1992. After 20 years of service, Betty retired from her volunteer position at the age of 92.  This award was launched and presented to Betty in 2012.

    Reba’s Ranch House volunteers help us greet guests, deliver meals, keep our pantry full, hold fundraising events and take on special projects.

    Mary Hamel received The Meal Ministry Award. Meal Ministry volunteers give of their time, deliver groceries and prepare meals – bringing comforts of home to our families. One of our RRH guests shared, “Thank you all for making this stressful time easier.  Please express my gratitude to all the Churches and organizations who brought food!”

    Director, Marilyn Bice and RRH Guest Relations, Susan Hooper presented Carol Brownlee with the Room for Hope Volunteer of the Year Award. Carol has invested countless hours making handmade totems to raise dollars for the Room and coming up with creative and new ideas for us to grow and care for those facing cancer.

    Ruiz Food and Tate’s Cleaning also received Awards. Ruiz was recognized with the RRH Community Organization Award for their time devoted to holding fundraising events, making hundreds of handmade hats for our Room for Hope and for their continued financial support.

    Tate’s Cleaning received the Friend of Reba’s Ranch House Award for going above and beyond to help fulfill our mission. Tate’s Cleaning not only keeps our house beautiful, they do so with passion, a smile and true care for our guests.

    Other honorees included the Grayson County Co-Op. students who help clean the sidewalks, make beds and do laundry as part of their life skills class. “Grayson Co-Op” brings joy to staff every day they serve. In addition, the 2017 Intern of the Year Award was given to Austin College student, Alex Haj. Lemming shared that interns have been a critical component of THF since the foundation was created in 2007 and Alex exemplifies hard work, character and heart.

    In addition to awards, Chairman Brett Graham distributed a special, personal gift from Reba for each recipient.

    Reba’s Ranch House is one of six core projects of the Texoma Health Foundation. This last year THF gave over $1.3 million in nonprofit grants and support of RRH, just under a million to support the building of the THF Park and just under $250,000 in private donations from families for a total of $2.25 million. In addition, THF is proud to administer the Reba McEntire Fund supporting those in need across the US and world.

    We call the Ranch House the heart of THF.  “We could not do what we do at the level we do it without our volunteers”, said Chairman, Brett Graham. “They make our house a home”.

    If you’d like to apply to be a volunteer, click here.