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  1. Buffets of Blessings

    Reba’s Heroes: A Series Highlighting Our Wonderful Volunteers

    Due to COVID 19, we had to cancel our annual volunteer luncheon that we hold to honor our amazing volunteers! In our effort to cover the many aspects of volunteering at Reba’s Ranch House we found a plethora of wonderful stories.Read the rest

  2. COVID-19 Precautions for Reba’s Ranch House

    Our process during COVID-19

    Reba’s Ranch House is following and observing federal, state, and local regulations for healthcare housing facilities. Our stringent policies are updated frequently and they include:

    Coverin’ Up the Cowboy Way

    ALL in the House are required to wear cloth face coverings when in contact with guests or other staff.… Read the rest

  3. Watching Her Husband’s Hospital Window from Reba’s Ranch House

    She could see the window of her husband’s hospital room

    From her room at Reba’s Ranch House, Angela Farmer could see the window of her husband’s hospital room. Despite them both being in isolation because of the COVID-19 quarantine, she could stay connected with Alan, her husband of 16 years, through the closeness of Reba’s Ranch House.… Read the rest