Reba talks about her wish for Reba’s Ranch House

Reba’s Ranch House, the only named charity of Reba McEntire, is open to anyone who needs a place to stay when you have a loved one in the hospital. Watch Reba talk about the purpose of Reba’s Ranch House and how it helps care for the caregivers. In the video, Reba also opens up about how lucky she feels she is to have fans who always send her gifts, and says that the best gift she could receive is for a fan to make a donation to Reba’s Ranch House.

We recently made donations easier

We’ve recently streamlined our donation process, making online donations with a credit card simple and quick. Every donation is noted, appreciated and put to good use for others. You even can choose to honor a friend or loved one by making the donation in their name. Donations of any and all amounts are allowed and appreciated!

Watch the video below, and you can make a donation here.