Reba’s Heroes: A Series Highlighting Our Wonderful Volunteers

Due to COVID19, we had to cancel our annual volunteer luncheon that we hold to honor our amazing volunteers! In our effort to cover the many aspects of volunteering at Reba’s Ranch House we found a plethora of wonderful stories. In the coming months, we will cover the many ways to volunteer at Reba’s Ranch House. Read some of our 28 years worth of stories and see if you are visualizing yourself joining these beautiful souls giving their time and love to those who need it. Remember: Studies show that volunteers stay healthier, are more active, and live longer with more productive lives. We are here and would love to talk to you about volunteering and we always need a volunteer somewhere!

Thank you so much for reading our stories and going through this unexpected year holding us close to your heart. Thank you, Thank you! We are here and will continue to be here while we find our new normal!

May the Lord bless you, and hold you close to His heart.

Reba’s Ranch House Director Marilyn Bice

A special place for those with cancer

A few years ago, a local Girl Scout saw that people battling cancer would benefit from additional support for certain items, such as wigs, prosthetics, books, blankets and more. She connected with Reba’s Ranch House to propose the concept of a “Room for Hope.” Reba McEntire loved the idea, and today an entire room at Reba’s Ranch House is dedicated to supporting women and men who have cancer by providing these items free of charge. Painted on the wall of this small beige room tucked into one corner of Reba’s Ranch House are the words, “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.” The volunteers in that room often bring an understanding unique to those who have faced the same battle … .

Thank You, Room for Hope Volunteer Carol Brownlee:

“I began volunteering in 2016 after I retired from a successful career at Caterpillar. It was helpful to keep structure in my life, and volunteering fit that bill. I chose RRH since I had been a cancer survivor and knew they had the Room For Hope. I had also been a supporter and donated to their fundraising efforts with the ‘500 Strong.’ Additionally, RRH has a support group for breast cancer survivors of which I participated in.

“One of my fondest memories was the successful opportunity to raise funds for RRH exceeding $4,000 by helping organize a Cowgirl Prom with a national organization (Sisters on the Fly) that has over 15,000 members. Proceeds from that event went to the Room For Hope. Another memory is donating garden totems that brought in over $1,200 for the Room For Hope. While the monetary amounts seem small when you have an organization like RRH, it gave me a sense of gratification. The staff at RRH encouraged me to succeed.” —Carol Brownlee

Thank You, Room for Hope Volunteer Darla Wakefield:

“Being a breast cancer survivor, I wanted to help others going through a similar journey. Also, I wanted it to be a local opportunity.” —Darla Wakefield

Thank You, Room for Hope Volunteer Virginia Eldridge:

“As a breast cancer survivor, I chose RRH because 15 years ago, when there was nothing local for cancer patients. I drove to Dallas to attend a support group.

“I love RRH because I know what it’s like to not have a place to stay and sleep in a car when a loved one is in the hospital. My favorite memories are talking to the people who are staying at RRH and hearing their stories when we meet on Thursday evenings for a cancer support group. We listen to them and offer food. They are so thankful they have a place to stay.” —Virginia Eldridge


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