“Giving of both money and time generally boosts wellbeing

more than people expect. Volunteers tend to weigh less,

to feel healthier, to have a lower chance of suffering a heart attack,

and to score higher in every happiness domain.”

Blue Zones Newsletter


The purple stems above are enchanting if you glance their way. But if you Focus, you realize the stem is filled with tiny individual purple blossoms that fill a cone shape at the end of the stem.  When you look at the flowers in your yard, what do you see? Do you see unknown faces “whispering” your name?


Stop! Join the sweet call of service and lower your blood pressure.


When volunteering for a non-profit, you realize how important it is to instill the feeling of hope in those you serve. Focus!

Who are you passionate about? Do you have 2-4 hours of precious time to donate to a special soul who may be 5 or 95, but desperately needs to know someone out there still loves them? Seems like such a small thing, but it is a mountain to climb for those who need you.

Everyone welcomes a smile, a bag filled with a coloring book and crayons, or a new book to read or to have read to them. Open your heart as you would open each little flower in your garden and Focus on the scent, the delicate texture and how they react not being a part of their mother plant core. You will learn how most of those who need your service feel everyday as they haven’t been given the core to hold on to. Serve by taking food, serve by bringing stamps, serve by talking and praying with those who need it.

You are special to so many more people than you can ever imagine. Focus on Volunteering!


Always wishing you hope and warmth in your home,


Reba’s Ranch House Director


Discover how you can help at Reba’s Ranch House by clicking on our volunteer page here.